War Of the Worlds The Eve Of The War Lyrics

No one would have believed that
in the last years of the 19th century
that human affairs where being watched
from the timeless worlds of s___e
No one could have dreamed we were being scrutinized
as someone with a microscope studies creatures
that swarm and multiply in a drop of water
Few man even considered the possibility of life on other planets
and yet across the gulf of s___e
minds immeasurably superior to ours
regarded this Earth with envious eyes
and slowly and surely
they drew there plans against us.
At midnight on the 12th of August
a huge mass of luminous gas erupted from Mars
and sped towarts Earth
Across two-hundred-million miles of void
invisibly hurtling towarts us
came the first of the missiles
that were bring so much calamity to Earth
As I watchted there was another jet of gas
It was another missile starting on his way
And that how it was for the next ten nights
a flair spurting out from Mars
Bright green drawing a green mist behind it
A beautiful but somehow disturbing sight
Ogilvy the astronomer a__ured me we were in no danger
He was convinced there could be no live
on that remote forbidding planet.

# The chances of anything comming from Mars
are a million to one he said
The chances of anything comming from Mars
but still they come !

Then came the night the first missile approached Earth
it was thought to be an ordinairy falling star
but next day there was a huge crater
in the middle of the Common
And Ogilvy came to examine what lay there:
A cylinder 30 yards across glowing hot....
and with faint sounds of movement coming from within
Suddenly the top began moving , rotating , unscrewing
And Ogilvy feared there was a man inside
trying to escape
He rush to the cylinder
but the intense heat stopped him before
he could burn himself on the metal.

# The chances of anything coming from Mars
are a million to one he said
The chances of anything coming from Mars
are a million to one but they still come
Yes the chances of anything coming from Mars
are a millionto one he said
The chances of anything coming from Mars
are a million to one but they still come

It seems totally incredibble to me now
that everyone spent that evening as
though it were just like any other
From the railway station came the sound of shutting trains
ringing and rumbling softened almost
into melody by the distance
It all seemed so safe and tranquil


Next morning a crowd gathered on the Common
hypnotized by the unscewing of the cylinder
Two feet of shining screw projected
when suddenly the lid fell off
Two luminous disc-like eyes appeared above the rim
A huge rounded bulk larger than a bear rose up slowly
glistening like wet leather
It's lipless mouth quiverted and slavered
and snake like tentacles wirthed
as the body heaved and pulsated
A few younger man crept closser to the pitt
A tall funnel rose than a ivisible ray of heat
leaped from man to man and there was a bright glare
as each was instantly turned into fire
Every tree and bush became a mass of flames
at the toutch of his savage unearthly heat ray
People clawed their way off the Common
and I ran too I felt I was being toyed with that
I was on the very verge of safety
This mysterious death would leap after me
and strike me down
At last I reached Maybury Hill
and in the dim coolnes of my home
I wrote an account for my newspaper
before I sank intro a restless haunted sleep

I awoke to alien sounds of hammering from the pit
and hurried to the railway station to buy the paper
Around me the daily routine of life
was continuing serenely as it had for countless years
On Horsell Common
the Martians continued hammering and stirring
sleepless indefatigable at work upon the machines
they where making
Now and again a light
like the beam of a warschip's searchlight
swept the Common and the heat ray was ready to follow
In the afternoon a company of soldiers came trough
and aployed along the edge of the Common to form a cordon

That evening there was a violent crash
and I realize with horror
that my home was now in range of the Martian's heat ray
At dawn a falling star with a trail green mist behind it
landed with a flash like summer lightning

This was the second cylinder

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