Karmina Free Lyrics

Verse: This is not about you
It's all about me, what makes me happy
That's something you just couldn't do
Kept bringin me down, I was in the background

Prechorus: You can't touch me there, you don't deserve my body baby
You say it's not fair, but I'm the one who calls it lately, cause I'm

Chorus: Free, yeah
I have arrived, I'm so alive, now that I'm
Free yeah
I'm on my own but not alone, cause I'm

It's so different than before
I have a purpose, and I'm not nervous
Now I feel so much more
I'm walking proudly, and singing loudly

And I wouldn't rather be, anywhere but right here now
And I'm so proud of me, cause no one had to tell me how, cause I'm


So shove it all into that big head of yours, all those
Dramatic scenes I don't need any more
Cause I'm Free

Free Yeah
I've got it all, I'm having a ball and I've got
Dreams baby, they're not with you, you get the clue? I'm flyin
Solo baby, I have arrived, I'm so alive, now that I'm
Free yeah, I'm on my own, but not alone, cause I'm
Free, Yeah

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