From Dusk Till Dawn Chet's Speech Lyrics

All right! p____, p____, p____, come on in p____ lovers!
Here at the t__ty Twister we're slashing p____ in half!
Give us an offer on our best selection of p____!
This is a p____ blowup!
All right, we got white p____, black p____, Spanish p____,
yellow p____, we got hot p____, cold p____, we got wet p____,
we got [sniff] smelly p____, we got hairy p____, b_____ p____,
we got snapping p____, we got silk p____, velvet p____,
Naugahyde p____, we even got horse p____, dog p____, chicken p____.
Come on you want p____, come on in p____ lovers!
If we don't got it you don't want it! COME ON IN p____ LOVERS!

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