Apathy Feelin' U Lyrics

what can I say to you...
If I'm feelin' you ?
Yes, I thought it through...
What do I gotta prove ?
What do I gotta do ?
Yes, I'm feeln' you...
Yes, I'm feeln' you...
Yes, I'm feeln' you...

[Verse 1]
I haven't feel like this since high school, it's like love's a drug
It got me bugged, overdosin' everytime we hug
And when your eyes lock on mine is magnetic
I tell myself "Don't fall hard, you'll regret it"
But when I touch your body I think I'm gonna die
That's the reason why I can't even try
This is too deep and I gotta remain focused
It's difficult to deal with all of these strange emotions
A godess in disguise who fell from the skies
Gorgeous eyes, I swear you gonna be my demise
Maybe I'm pessimistic or maybe it's too supplistic
But I know that I'll regret it if I pass it up or miss it
Cause you're incredible, that's nothing new to you
Not even s__ual, but know what I would do to you
I know it's probably previous drama that you have been through
But what more can I do to get this true to you

[Hook] - 2X

[Verse 2]
I wish you could read my thoughts sometimes
Cause my mouth fense to confuse the words in my mind
Like how I feel for you, wrote a little song for you
So you can sing along to and know that I thought of you
When you're at work, I'll be on your mind
Are you ever on mine ? All the time
I can't even fight it
To tell you the truth, I'm rather excite it
I ran home, grab my notebook strated to write it
Cause it's so clear to me, when you're here with me
All I wanna do is hug you, flow your body near to me
This is how I wanna be, maybe growin' old with me
I don't care if I'm 80 I'll serenade you with Jodeci
It really doesn't matter what my friend think
If it wasn't real I wouldn't waste the pen's ink
Cause you're so beautiful, that's nothing new to you
Be careful how I treat you and I'll always be true to you

[Hook] - 2X

[Verse 3]
I know you might be sceptical but stop you buggin'
It's like Pete Rock and C.L. , lots of lovin'
A perfect cemetery of life balancin' within the way
First kiss, first date, cause Earth to shake
And that's how I feel for you, I'm only bein' real with you
I'ma stand beside you when noone else can deal with you
You know that was written for you, even know I'm jokin'
You're the first girl that had me really opened
Cause you're perfect even if you ain't perfect, undestand ?
I'm attempting to explain this the best way that I can
A lot of people try to impress you and show off their surface
But they're shallow, short-term and probably turn out worthless
Versus me, cause I'ma do anything you want me to
Just to be close to you, I'll expose my soul to you
Sleep when I'm holdin' you, deep when I talk to you
And sweet when I roll for you, but what do I gotta do...

[Hook] - 4X

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