Esham Redemption Lyrics

Oh my god you came into my life
And turned my world around
I was lost i couldnt see my sight
So i couldnt find my home
So you know Ive smoked some weed
And took some pills and even sniffed some blow
And so i repent
Cus all the blessings ive recieved i know that heavens sent
I never knew when i spit this s___
That every rapper in the world be on some wicked s___
Its like the first time i hit this s___
Say you get the s___ but wont admit the s___
You saw me shine the sun lit this s___
On my knees at night askin should i quit this s___
When i first started we were total opposites
I took a stand so you can see all the hypocrites
Salvation for all of my sins through Jesus sacrifice
We live in wicked nation
Im sayin amen cus i dont wanna die
Its all about redemption
Everything i did and what i said
Its all about redemption
If we can forgive we can forget
Its all about redemption
It was him the devil in disguise
With a gun standin right before my eyes
He wanted my life
The wicked s___ i speak was never meant for the weak
I'm runnin out of time
Goin out of my mind dodgin demons in the streets
God please give me a sign
Inherit the earth only the children of the meek
So if you realy wanna see my soul in hell
This spittin wicked s___ i told the golden tale
My concious catchin heat its gettin old and stale
Its hard to embrace when i hold this hell
If you walk the b_____ trail then bring your holy grail
The devil went after my soul but god closed the cell
Even though the wicked s___ knows me well
You wont find me on the wagon when it goes to hell
Believe me hell is lonely
Believe me i was there my soul was spared
And dont nobody know me
And only he cares thats why im there
Its raining diamonds

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