Lunik Slide (live) Lyrics

There's this black knot inside of me
It can't be cried away
It will stay forever part of me
I accepted it one day
It can't be beaten out
I'm not its master, not it's friend
Sometimes i think that it has gone
Later when i'm on my own - i don't

Don't you try to ease my pain
I need to brood, i need to cry
Let me rest, let me be
Let me suffer passionately
I'm on a psychologic slide
I'm on a melancholic ride

Walking on a flimsy rope

I need „nothing" to fall
With these forces i can't cope
I'm interior and small
At their first opportunity they attack me from the back
Again i turn off the phone
Feel a sudden sense of calm


Leave me now, and i will rise
When the darkness turns to light
I'll tackle my day, climb the mountain
Stay awhile, enjoy the sight
Until i slide again

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