Ministros Del Santuario Submerged in Fire. Lyrics

It would take, a sinful fate, to end this hate In the world, in my life, there is pain, I can't take, Anymore.
In a world of low deceit, Taking my chance, Destruction my body can't take it, take my soul far away.
In my sleep, I see pain, I see hate, I see war, take my Life if you wish, but my faith, leave alone.
You would stop the hate if you'd just see How would it feel to be together Praising the Lord, his grace. All because he's the Master Forever!
Hate, Pain, Death, you, Feel, faint.
Dying to see a distant world, taking my pain And giving it away. Fearful minds and withered hearts Are not a part of Heaven's grace. You can see the light When it all ends for you, that's all you see. My last breath Is spent on Jesus Christ because he died for me

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