Rudra Sarkar Lost On The Highway Lyrics

(A Self Published single of two students of Academy of Technology)

Music: Rudra Sarkar

Now that the end is coming soon
Those days are peeping through the silloutes of monsoon .
as the season changes its colour
Shades of new faces reminds me
Of the time I came here .

Its hard to remember
Each day and all that we said
As time marched through the heat .
Why we made barriers
When blood washed the highways
And endless tears cleaned it .

What was those words
That I never dared to ask .
I had the fear very soon
The dawn might disappear into the dusk .
[piano solo]

There had been pacts
We promised never to forget
There had been mistakes
Over which I still regret
And there had been truths
Which still remained a secret
[guitar solo]

The rains have swept the promises
the evenings echoed with laughter
time has taken endless august nights
When we dreamt of living together .

Pains are not forgotten
It comes with the rain
Smiles play hide and seek
Now and then .
Images float happenings replay
That compels me to stand alone
Staring at the highway
Until the wind blows it all away .
[guitar solo]


****Copyright to Rudra Sarkar and Rudra Ranjan Upadhayay
Vocals, Backing Vocals, Drums Programming, Guitars, Bass and Keyboards: Rudra Sarkar
Recorded at Home Studio of Rudra Sarkar on 11th and 12th March 2008
Recorded and Mixed By Rudra Sarkar

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