DMX DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem Lyrics

"Ruff Ryders Anthem"

Stop, drop, shut 'em down open up shop
Oh, no
That's how Ruff Ryders roll


n____z wanna try, n____z wanna lie
Then n____z wonder why, n____z wanna die
All I know is pain
All I feel is rain
How can I maintain, with madd s___ on my brain
I resort to violence, my n____z move in silence
Like you don't know what are style is
New York n____z the wildest
My n____z is wit' it
You want it? come and get it
Took it then we split it
You f___in' right we did it
What the f___ you gonna do, when we run up on you
f___in' wit' the wrong crew, don't know what we goin' thru
I'ma have ta show n____z how easily we blow n____z
When you find out there's somemore n____s, that's runnin with your n____z
Nothin' we can't handle, break it up and dismantle, light it up like a candle
just cause I can't stand you
Put my s___ on tapes, like you bussin' grapes
Think you holdin weight? Then you haven't met the Apes


Is ya'll n____z crazy?
I'll buss you and be swazy
Stop actin' like a baby, mind your business lady
Nosy people get it too, when you see me spit at you
you know I'm tryin' ta get rid of you
Ya I know it's pitiful
That's how n____z get down
Watch why n____z spit round
Make ya'll n____z kiss ground, just for talkin' s___ clown
Oh you think it's funny then you don't know me money
It's about to get ugly, f___ it dog I'm hungry
I guess you know what that mean, come up off that green
Five n____z or a fiend, don't make it a murder scene
Give a dog a bone, leave a dog alone
let a dog roam and he'll find his way home
Home of the brave, my home is a cage
and yo I'ma slave til' my home is a grave
I'ma pull paper, it's all about the papers
b____es talkin' paper then how they wanna rape us


Look what you dun started,
Asked for it, you got it
had it, should have shot it
Now your dearly departed
Get at me dog, did I rip s___ with this one here I flip s___
n____z know when I kick s___
It's gonna be some slick s___
What was that look for, when I walked in the door
Oh you thought you was raw, boom not anymore
Cause now you on the floor, wishin you never saw me walk
through that door, with that 4 4
Now it's time for bed
Two more to the head, got the floor red
Yea that n____'s dead
Another unsolved mystery, It's goin' down in history
n____z ain't never did s___ to me
b____ a__ n____z can't get to me
Gots to make the move, got a point to prove
Got a make'em grove, got'em all like ooh
So to the next time, you hear this n____ ryhme
Try to keep your mind, on gettin p____ and crime


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