Ethereal Scent Of Lure Lyrics

Hurt You With My Lips
Open Wounds Drilling Deeply
With My Bawdy Tongue
Perfect Image That Burns Behind The Smoke

"Hurt Me With Your Lips
Make Me Bleed Through Every Wound
Kill The Pleasure With Your Sour Tongue,
Put Your Hands Just Around My Neck
The Sweat And Blood That Overflows The l___
Now Run Throughout My Spine."

Put My Hands Just Around Your Neck
And Scratch Your Damaged Skin
Hear The Emerging Sweat And The Scarlet Fluid
That Runs Throughout My Wrist.

"Wrap Me With Your Flesh As My Shroud
Don't Want To Cry In Vain
Now That I Bleed Inside
I Do Believe Pain's After Death
Tear My Breath Asunder
While I Don't Feel Any Grief."

"Waiting For A Whisper Of Your Breath
That Could Warmly Shave Me
Piercing Glance That Enslave Me
And Stop The Air In My Lung."

My Nails Are Waiting For Your Waist
And Your Feet, The Sting Of My Last Lick
Feeding With Your Own Tears
And Burning Within.

That One That You Fear And Ignore
Angel Or Savage, Demon Or Beast
That Shadow That Has Grown In Me.

A Cold Heaven Surrounds Us
And Our Body Is Covered By
Cold Ashes From A Burned Illusion
Made Of False Prophecies And Lies.

Waiting For A Whisper Of My Breath
That Could Warmly Shave You

"Fragile Were Nights For Me
Fragile And Poisonous
'Cause You Were Always Watching."

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