Whispering Gallery Quest for Kingdom Lyrics

Long ago, a new-born king
Was left alone in the dark.
His appearance made his father scared
And feared him for his throne.
He was thinking over his abandoned life.
A life in hell and a growing hate.

On a day, his father came to
Execute him by the royal martyrs.
With a divine strength,
He broke the chains and looked
His father in the eyes.
He felt no love but only hate
And so he killed him with his bare hands.

When he dived from the highest tower,
An eagle grabbed his body.

The two reached the shore of freedom,
To find some shelter and rest.

The gods were watching him.
They shattered through the sky:
"your destiny is here, you're the chosen king"

Why can't he see his own forsaken face.
To lose his fear and reach his destiny.

For how long shall it last for him to stay?
By the dawn of morning
The guards took him away.

By the gates, a lightning bolt
Hit the water around the castle.
And a graceful creature rose above,
Abolishing the guards
With a breath of fire.
He ran into the royal quarters
And looked into a mirror.
The face of his father returned to him
And looked him in the eyes.
Your infernal dream is finished
And return to the dungeon
Where you belong.

So alone, so afraid.
He find out, it was only a dream.
He's still waiting in a dungeon to die...

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