Dubioza Kolektiv Emptiness Lyrics

Emptiness I'm getting away,from,trying trying to forget the reason I'm dying for there is no doubt it will happen what is ment to be
There is nothing about you should worry just relax and don't hurry
Everything's destroyed but the river still flows and the wind still blows don't be..afraid of what's happening,
What's happening?everything's destroyed
Ya man bring it up man it's about dreamin' now we can know how it's about the wicked and we can know the way it's about the waste of all those days it's about the digital,the digital is teller it's about religion and reachin' of the other it's about hope and The God and a wideas I understand man God's my guide it's about the Sun man but it's gettin' hot what can a man learn from life it's 'bout something that I kept on my mind it's 'bout I sometimes get real' high but He hold me in handcought and held..
Who's enemy that'll knock the door I'm in a hip-hop coz' i wanna' stop the war and I'm in control they wanna' give me the limit I don't wanna fight coz' I'll make a damage
Close to the finish,
Close to beginin'
Close to the end,
Close to illin'
And the most don't mind they would close the door but now i can't stop now I wanna run remote,
Mind dumb and I wind them up and upon them gettin' them a hope and I can't stop can I get them up can I get enough,get enough can they kill the human faith,It's about mind under pressure
Cought in a measure
Talk in the mic
And the war was attention
And I say"Is it right beleive?"the rules,in me,over me,follow me...

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