Worthless Without Choreographed Comedy Acts That Lyrics

misery, Im half dead and going nowhere so you aint got nothing on me
so from time to time I get way outta line!
someone call this man a cab, maam we found your son the unfortunate one
but Im afraid hes no longer intact

as I watched you sail away on a riverboat fantasy
well as the ship moved through the waves I saw you smile and wave back me

there are thieves, in the wind, in the trees
there are thieves
dance with dance with me

so baby lets break this down
get crazy right here right now
dont worry about the stares
just do what you care
and between guitars and the drums and the parts we dance to the breaks and
the beats
and we'll role with the hills and we'll never stand still till we break the
floor with our feet

so steady it now here comes the loud
just dance
oh God I think got it now

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