Eddy Arnold The Lovebug Itch Lyrics

When the lovebug bites you don't know where to scratch
It keeps right on a biting 'till it begins to hatch
It makes the old feel young and the poor feel rich
It's just a little thing called the lovebug itch

Oh the day I held my baby on my knee
Along came the lovebug and took a bite of me
I put my arms around her tied a lovers' hitch
I tingled and I knew I had the lovebug itch

Oh I love her lips and I love 'em close to mine
I love 'em 'cause they taste like a drop of cherry wine
I'm gonna stick to her just as if she's glue
I'm itching for her I know she's itching too

Oh my pulse beats fast my fever starts to rise
My heart goes pitty-pat when I look into her eyes
I break out in a sweat and I begin to twitch
There ain't no vaccination for the lovebug itch

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