Public Access God Save The Scene Lyrics

Could this get any worse?
More division shoved through this like a stake
We've got every genre's worth of generic fakes
all screaming for blood over a businessman's lies.
Why would I martyr myself for a scene that's already died?

A show is where you go to look tough and smoke cigarettes,
kick some kids in the head and talk s___ with your friends.
The ideology's now mob mentality.
It's time to step up and take down the real enemy.

So set the stage and draw the lines
You're either with them or against them.
You wanna make it here, you better choose a side
or they'll bring you down.
Step up or become a casualty
Take a stand a show at a time
We can only hope- god save the scene

What happened to the bands
and the kids, the sense of unity?
Before music became another commodity
to be bought up and sold, sucked clean of its soul
They fill your minds up with lies while you fill their pockets with gold.

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