Sticky Burley You Barns Lyrics

[Dex, Rollie, Matrix and Port Diss]

This don't concern any body
but idiotic Dex
the f___ing cheap Rolex
r_____ed port and the poorly sucked matrix
events of a computer breakdown I'll send insults by text
it would be there faster than the time you'll get s__
I know the questions you'll be asking Hector
Did I have to make this? No
Does it matter to you what I say? No
Am I gay? No
Did I know you had rabbis? No
that you're going to give Rollie Aids? NO
Do I want to watch? OH DEAR GOD NO!
I'm not f___ing r_____ed
my words will hit you harder then your mum did
after she sat on your face and f___ing farted
the things you say is so f___ing stupid
Rollies excuse is that its f___ing inherited
make you cry, lay down your f___ing defeated
Listen to your s___ and hear Hanz laugh like
I think you'd get the picture and take a hike...
nah sike sike! This ain't over!
Words just like a golden revolver,
comebacks that you have to jump over,
no it's not me, my mind isn't slower,
what help do you need for cussing?
a rabbits foot or a 4 leaf clover
why don't you get you gay lover
Rollie Pollie to bend over
I'm sure he'd love you to tap that
show matrix's girlfriend how to fap that
marriage up his a__ crack
don't forget to change your name to R.H.Hector
eating each other better than Hannibal lector
I don't know what to f___ing say
Rollie I bet your f___ing gay
not every one f___ing rolls that way
showing everybody your body
but wouldn't it be funny
if you actually got a actual girl to go out with
rather than s___ty, transsexual mommy
your cusses suck harder than matrix's girlfriend
and matrix don't pretend
that your comebacks can offend
not like we will die the moment you press send
but don't be prude
I mean to be rude
but your screwed
I know your girlfriend said my name is longer than your d___ dude
your girls been on every thing even port
I know its not what you thought
why port?
Maybe she's attracted to the extremely short?
Or thick sort?
I don't want to see ports f___ing PMS
Dex recorded on s___ty VHS
go get a room and type BBS
WTF the SOBs
ROTFLMAO @ their stupid BS
sure listen to this song
team up, make me in the wrong
every one knows your mongs
having a cussing match with you lot are easy
I already sounded the gong
we don't need 20 years to think of a comeback
that's just long
start your own little club
the I hate SB because he called me a barn club
but until you guy come up with splendid retaliations
ill be down the pub
while you two f___ing shun people that like me deliberately
not even leaving them to enjoy their time considerately
you have to be b____es and make them annoyed prematurely
you'll fall flat on your ugly faces slowly but surely
purely- I know I have skill
you wont beat me
ha and maybe never will
have your cheap frill
you wont be happy when I be like the real f___ing matrix
and take the blue pill
then f___ing hunt you like kill bill
pick you guys off one by one
make fun of you just for fun
chances of payback, slim to none
Might as well give up,
I just won....

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