Alison Krauss & Union Station Heaven's bright shore Lyrics

Out on the hills of glory land
So happy and free at God's right hand
They tell of a place of marvelous grace
On Heaven's bright shore

Pilgrims on earth some day will go
To live in that home for evermore
Trusting in Him who died for sin
And rose from the grave

On Heaven's bright shore (on Heavens's bright shore)
There's gonna be no more dyin (over there)
Not one little grave (not one little grave)
In all that fair land (that wonderful land)
Not even a tear will dim the eye
And no one up there will say goodbye
Just singing His praise through endless days
On Heaven's bright shore (on Heaven's bright shore)

When I must cross that rolling tide
There'll be someone on the other side
Welcoming me to that fair land
Made perfect by love

When I walk up that milky white way
I'll see that home coming in array
How great it must be for Angels to see
A pilgrim reach home

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