Throes of Dawn Watcher in the Tower Lyrics

I dream ...
moon came behind the clouds
a black tower, this tower rises in
reality, yet I?ve been there several
times ... in dreams

Life was nothing, never, until I found
the truth
the truth of never existing, doom
the secrets not for milleniums told
the tower waits for the arrival of my soul

From the tower opens a view
into worlds so distant, but so true
I?m to be the thyrant, of my realm
as I carry the light of other knowing

Wind whispers me: "come with me ..."

Burn me- spread my ashes into the
as a shadow I descend into my
no path leads there ... from the dust
I materialize before the gates silvery

I stand beholding my fate
black tower with open gates
wind greets me as I enter the cold
tower, endless stairs to my destiny
the gate closes behind me,
never to be opened again ...

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