A.W.A.S. Creed Lyrics

You slept badly tonight, your dream was full of death. You are afraid to die. You say that after live comes nothing, but you can't believe our own words. You awake in the middle of the night, sweat flows down your face. You search the truth but you can't find anything. Come to God he will show you the truth. God loves you and he will not leave you. He will save you all days of your live. If Satan shows you your past, show him his future and say: Rotting Satan, you will die. Rotting Satan, burn in hell. Rotting Satan, you are d___ed. Rotting Satan, go back to hell Rotting Satan, listen to my words: Jesus is my savior and he forgave my sins, So run away the almighty one will come. Jesus will come back to take his bride, you have to be ready. He'll come back to take those who love him with their Heart. If you aren't ready you'll go to hell. Jesus said: "I'm the way, the truth and the life, nobody will come to the father than through me" Take Jesus in your heart and he'll wash your sins away. With Jesus you will be a winner. Satan is a looser and he'll be thrown into eternal flames Fight against Satan all days of your live. God rules. Du wist ewig in der Hölle schmoren! Christen werden dein winseln und Qualgeschrei hören , Satan und ihr Dämonen, ihr werdet in ewigen Flammen gepeinigt. Wie könnt ihr euch gegen den allmächtigen wenden? Tod, wo ist dein Stachel? Jesus hat dir den Kopf zertreten! Gott ist Richter! Er wird das Gericht vollenden. Wer sich gegen Gott auflehnt, wird auf ewig in der Hölle brennen. Satan du hast verloren ! Satan du hast verloren !

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