ThouShaltNot Scales on Scales Lyrics

Well I woke up in the morning and my hands were solid red
And I looked into the mirror at a man already dead
Yes I came into your house with a cloud before my eyes
Now I stand the morning after with your screaming in my head
Oh, your closet door was open so I thought I'd step inside
And I waited for a weakness just to pummel through your hide
And the scales on scales made the hissing of the snakes
Even louder than ever with a tongue split down the side
Yes your throat was looking hungry and your throat was looking sweet
So I crept into the kitchen just to grap a bite to eat
And the lights were off and b_____ and I caught you by surprise
And the murder weapon glimmered as it came home nice and sweet

Oh the scales on scales, like the shining and the tight
And just between the two of us, this could be your last night
And you'll wake up yesterday with a headache and you'll say
Of the slithering distraction, it was quite all right

And we danced into the parlour like two newlyweds would dance
And I held you off the ground in a firm but loving stance
And your eyes were slowly closing and your head was bobbing low
And the growing pool below you consummated our romance
So I left you in the ballroom, you were white as winter snow
For the life of me I could not quite remember where to go
Because every time I looked, all I saw were printed words
And the ceiling turning yellow as the symptoms start to show

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