John Wetton & Geoffrey Downes In The End [with Annie Haslam] Lyrics

Start on your journey now
While the world is beckoning
And strangers call your name
Take what your dreams allow
Every day's awakening
Is kindling to the flame
All our memories may serve
You as friends
Time is no enemy
'Cause I will be waiting

And in the end
You will find me here again
If I'm the one you're needing
Just send a sign
If you're alone
In my heart you'll find a home
Where all your roads are leading
Where you belong
In the end

Rest, when the tale is told
And beyond imagining
We'll share the life within
Sleep when the fires are cold
And the night is gathering
That prize you could not win
All our memories return in a song
Time's no enemy as long as
You hear me

And in the end...

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