Followbane Dead Fantasia Lyrics

What a beautiful sight of marching armed forces madly
What makes me cry easily is the cruelness of going to their death
Sorrow lie deeply and deeply
Beside a dancing clown trying to please the world,
sorrow lie deeply again

The all of the beginning is the march of time
It won't stop
It creats all, it extinguishes all
It is the everlasting step

The snow spirits resist against the sun
But it only ineffectual, they melt, trampled,
turned to things what hard to see
So is it true when spring come, hope comes together?
This is my anger, growing and disappearing
It disappearing by warm breeze

I stood against time and created infinite world
Keep away fro mhere
I'm the only person who control the world freely
eve ndecade, a hundred years
Nobody touch it
I'm the only person who affects time

Spreads infinitely, goes to pieces infinitely
Requiem which doesn't end keeps going uncannily

Beasts nest on the ground
And they are still living in dead fantasy

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