Followbane That's Way I'm A Berserker Lyrics

I want a hopeful world more than anyone does
In my fear of death I cling to something
Can I die (be dead) with a smile in the end, though was born with cry?
A man who wanted all will meet cruel end

Beyond the dark I start to walk leaving fear and sorrow behind
Through a gate I walk again
That's why I'm a berserker

There was a horse on a ruined land
A dreadful horse
With a drop of blood it will be an art
That's gonna be me who monopolize the value

I grasp its bridle and go through the wasteland at a gallop
Toward the dark, nothing can be seen
Believing there will be a world I want,
I cling to the horse to not let things I left catch up with me

Now I can see dark dawn dimly
So I imagined the shining horizon
Through a date I just carry on
No more time of fear already

Alone for a while I've been turning my back on the light and kept cring for nothing
And refused anyone's help, I started to walk
That is long, long time ago


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