Liar Of Golgotha The defloration of virgin Mary Lyrics

Innocent virgin blessed by God: white skin, black hair
and red lips. When I look at you I become so hot; deep
inside myself burns this hidden desire. Virgin Mary, sacred
jewish w____, you cannot be able to imagine my l___s. Take
a look and you will believe in God nevermore. My h____
d___ will become your new god. Forget the commandments
you've learned, I preach to you about love under will. So many
o_____s you could earned. Just prepare to face my s__ual revelations.
I tear to pieces your white dress. You scream in fear, I cry for l___.
Your weak defence is totally useless: I break your will and
rape you hard.I bite your naked neck; I suck your b_____ nipples
while you cry. In ecstasy I deflorate virgin Mary.I f___ you hard,
you weep in pain. Desecrated Mary, Gods scorn is upon you.
I e________, my o_____ rages through my veins.
In the name of Satan may Mary bear us the Antichrist!

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