Logdoggs South Side Lyrics

Intro: Yeah, Logdoggs, ha-ha, South Capital/Almaty, Doggy Life, here we go now, come on!

Chorus (2x): Almaty, the city where I'm from, The place where I was born, South Side is full of pride, Until we gonna die!

Other Chorus: It's ATY, 'till we gon' die, Free as a bird that is flyin' in the blue sky, Logdoggs in the place, we spittin' on the mic, And screamin': «Welcome to the South Side»!

Verse 1 Shiftik: Welcome everybody to the Dirty South Side, Where you can see people's pride, every time when they walk by, The city known as Almaty, And it's goin' down at here, when it's blazed by the LD, I wanna let to know the Kazakhstan, Man I hope you understand we got that bomb heat from Bagman, That got the whole city bangin', And plus, it makes the all homies hangin', Almaty, the city full of hottest and the beautifulist chicks, They gettin' homies addict through out 2006, Logdoggs - Dude & Shiftik, we start buildin' from the 1st bricks, Our empire from the 1st mix, Me & Dude in the studio, bangin' the heat, Work it out so hard, put it down on the streets, So give me the bone I'mma dogg, straight Almaty thug, It's Renegade from Logdoggs, T.C.B., homie WHAT?!

Chorus (2x)

Verse 2 Dude: Now let me tell you one thing about the place you dreamin', It's called Almaty city and it's the place we're livin'! Drinkin' c__e and alcohol and pushin' s___ for the South Side, You gotta a winner to live at such height. And you might get heard, That a dirty South Side is the place of the luxury (Yeah! That's right!) Take a walk in the middle of the m________in' night And you might get sight of the beautiful cars That are parked in the front of the beautiful bars, And the beautiful bars on the beautiful streets. There're beats on the streets. You can find everything that every m________er needs! C'mon!

Chorus (3X)

Verse 3:
Shiftik: What up again, it's Renegade, tryin' to get them d___ed dollars, With some my friend ballers, and there ain't no d___ed problems, We don't want them enemies, we want followers, Dude a.k.a. D-Warrior what up my man, holla!

Dude: Shiftik/Renegade, Yeah! That is my mate! South Side / Almaty, guess what!?! My city!

Shiftik: We doin' our thing and respecting the others, It's Shiftik from Logdoggs and The Criminal Brothers!

Dude: We came in a game, D-Warrior's, my name. Logdoggs / Almaty - Everybody put your hands up to the LD!

Chorus (2x)

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