Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Ayreon The Accusation [*] Lyrics

have you seen his eyes
up in the skies
like hypnotized
and he never smiles
he never cries

have you heard his song
fierce and strong
right or wrong
should he be condemned
for he doesn't belong

what have I done
you've aroused the forces of destruction
what have I done
you've unleashed the rage of the gods
what have I done
you've denounced the wonder of creation
what have I done
you've betrayed your own,
now you have to pay

it has been foretold
in days of old
'n evil soul
will corrupt the world
to achieve his goal

he's the devil's seed
an evil breed
he's gonna make you bleed
he'll take all he needs
with uncontrolable greed

I've done nothing at all,
no nothing at all

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