Work Of Art Lost Without Your Love Lyrics

So we're finally here
At the end of our road
From here we walk alone
Bet you knew it all the time
Guess I felt it somehow
From now we're on our own

Brige 1:
So tell me how
Oh how can I?
I pray for forgivness
Make things right this time

There's no way of hiding it
It's no point denying it
No use in fighting it
I'm lost without your love
Now I got to find a way
Of taking it day by day
Can you still hear me say?
I'm lost without your love

Like a frozen rain
Falling down on me
It chills my will to live
And though I gave it all
There was still so much more
That I could never give

Bridge 2:
So tell me why
Oh why can't I?
Will you try to believe me
Turn your heart around


If I'm trying to find a reason
I will only blame myself
Cause I know there's no easy answer
And that only time will tell
Now I lay in sea of sorrow
So empty and so cold
And I know there's no happy ending
Or no luck in the wishing well


(Repeat Bridge 1 & Chorus)

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