Ludacris Ludacris - Warning Lyrics

Warning! This album contains Ludacris material
Parental discretion is advised
So kids cover your eyes and close your eyes
Otherwise you're about to witness HISTORY
The thoughts and views expressed on THIS album
are a direction reflection of the new generation
So without further ADIEUX
I bring to YOU, that n____ named Luda

HEY! I be that n____ named LUDA give a round of applause
They say I'm up to no good, I'll say I'm down for the cause
Down for whatever goes down, I'm strapped down to my drawers
So if you up for some stitches then I'm down for some scars
Down to make 'em GET DOWN, stop playin and pause
There's two things I'll never break and that's my word and my b____
So here's a temporary fix for your permanent flaws
This album helps you to RELEASE cause life is irkin us all
Enough to make you wanna break s___, no longer will I take s___
From ANY of these clowns cause I'm TIRED of this fake s___
I'm ready for some action, ready with a passion
Like pots with the steam I'm ready to get it crackin
It's six years and countin if you think I'm a joke
Me gettin served is like Bill Gates and Oprah goin broke
It's 'bout time they gave it to me, I'm the reignin champ
Your favorite rapper went to Ludacris' trainin camp

Yeah shawty! (That's right)
On the real I feel you on that
Man I'm tired of all these fake-a__ n____z homes
(Hell yeah shawty) Ay ay, this your boy Lil' Black
Representin that zone-trey you feel me
All these n____z ay, I told y'all hoes that I'm the man
I told y'all homey n____ just need to get to the money man
Stop f___in with homes man, feel me?


Man Joe, I'ma tell you what the bid'ness is
You f___in with a true player, true and recognized, ya dig?
Y'all already know the demo, Scary Larry sweet big-a__ punks
If you ain't f___in with my guy, What is yo' life about?
Kick rocks, SKEEZER please!

Yo God, man Chris can kiss my a__
He remember me, I was at the club right there with him
He he coulda got me in
I mean I went to Benjamin Banneker high school with him
I knew him before all the fame
That's how you gonna do your people man?
That's how you gonna do your folk?

Yup! Tch man I used to cook for this n____
See he done come over to my house the other day
Talkin 'bout, he don't eat beef and he don't eat pork
And my homegirl was over there and she was like
"Girl he look so tall on TV!"
I said, "Girl I told you he was short"
Maaaaaaan, I don't give a d___
I looooove that n____!

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