2.almost honest Lyrics

I lied just a little
When I said I need you
You stretched the truth
When you said that you knew
Just can't believe it
There's nothing to say
I was almost honest, almost

Living alone, can't stand this place
It's four in the morning, and I still see your face

I was nearly pure
When I said I loved you
You were semi-sincere
You said I'd bleed for you
We were kind of candid
Now you've gone away
You were almost honest, almost

Living alone, falling from grace
I want to atone, but there's just empty s___e
I can't face tomorrow, now you're not coming back
Walked off in the night, and just left me the tracks

I question your call by the tone of your voice
I know I shoud hang up, but I don't have a choice
It happened that night when you told me to go
Don't ask who's to blame, I don't know

Almost, almost honest
Almost, I was almost honest

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