Work Of Art Peace of Mind Lyrics

Time - rages on even still
For better or worse it always will
And leaves the past behind
Life - carries on gracefully
Erases the pain once used to be
Heals the broken mind

'Cause I - I did my best to love her
But she - she just couldn't see

She set me up
Pushed me around
She led me on
Then turned me down
So tell me

Where am I?
When all has been said and done?
When all the gold has turned to sand?
Tell me now
When everything else breaks down
Will we still reach higher ground?
Find our peace of mind

Love - I have loved and lost before
But none of that matters anymore
It all comes back again

Well me - I only wished for one thing
But we - was not meant to be

(Repeat Bridge & Chorus)

Sometimes when life gets much too real
One dance, one love is all we need

Each time I'm lonely
Each reminding sign
Still makes me wonder
Could I have changed her mind?


(Chorus 2x)

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