Ikon The Black Goat Of Judas Lyrics

Father, father I have sinned
Take my hand, where to begin
For I am selfish in my plight
I've failed to do what is right

Oh God, don't place your wrath on me
I'll pray and pray, bargain my plea
Take all my money, soul and sight
I'll give myself to you tonight


Look up my son, for God is near
Have faith in him; all is clear
Live your life in God's domain
He will heal all your pain

He will save your soul from Hell
For I know this all too well
For he will know all wrong from right
Look after you, day and night

My God
My God

These words you speak all seem the same
Where is this God, to shield my pain?
Too many lives lost in vain
Lone children cry their parents' names

For I am broken, cold and weak
No God of yours I'll ever speak
Can't stand the cross, you bow and wear
To even think that he would care

No God
No God

All prayers unanswered shall return
I hope I see the churches burn
A trial of treason to mankind
No secrets of the past to find

No God
No God

From: Destroying the World to Save It

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