Thea Gilmore The Edge of My Seat Lyrics

Well Hey there come over here
I've got something to show you
Just swivel in your power chair
D'you want me to be Persephone the cookie queen
and Snow White too
Well forgive me for my complexion and my lewd tongue
And lack of sensitivity
But I'm not some easy little girl
If you wanna fight someone you can
Come fight me
Lets do it now

An' I could sit with my hands intertwined
And shrug my shoulders pretending everything's just fine
But what fun is life when you're just
Cowering in a corner waiting to drown all the time
And he grins and winks at me saying
Honey I'm your godsend I sense you're incomplete
And I smile and turn the other way so come on big boy
I'll meet you on the edge of my seat
Lets do it now

And there she goes to her samurai
Panties tucked high
The past tense can be your alibi

And we have been draped across these bar stools
Picking holes out of our size six boots and
He has been greasing every female with a gaze
That smacks of "I'll have anything that moves"
So we take up the initiative
And stroll over to Mr. Muscles in that predatory waltz
Saying hey there Lets see what you've got boy
And don't mind our amusement or preliminary insults
Lets do it now

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