She Was Asking For It The girl with no Name Lyrics

I met her under drops of rain
she didn't tell me her name.
I tried but failed to understand
why her lips were so cold then.
Her fragance made me go insane
and wanting twisted love and pain.
Not a second could I wait
to see her mine into my bed.

I slept with the girl that had no name,
she sank and left me in pain.
My soul is dark, I'm gone away.
Gone away...

I brought her orchids and she cried
and asked me love her till I die.
I couldn't lie her in the eyes,
she whispered "Then I will die!"
Her mourning and the tears she shed
soaked as a curse into my bed.
After her painful fade away
not a single word could I say.

Now I can't see through the dark.
My sould is torn apart.
Now I can't live with myself.
Demented with her ghost I dwell.

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