She Was Asking For It Afraid to fall Asleep Lyrics

In the darkness, I creep
every night when you fall asleep.
Horrible nightmares,
hungry I am for your fears.
No one survives,
music for me are your cries.
You won't wake up,
the walls are now covered with blood.

For your fears,
highest price - Pay.

It's just a dream,
but not for you,
cause blood is real - Bleed.

My fingernails
are cutting flesh
for final time - Die.

You've got the body.
I've got the brains.
Who's laughing last?

And one and two -
"Razorfingers" is comming for you!
And three and four -
no need of locking the door.
And five and six -
helpless is your crucifix.
And seven and eight -
you gonna stay up late.
And nine and ten -
better never sleep again!

You're alone in the kingdom of dead.

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