Lack of Limits Billy on the Rover Lyrics

Billy was a rover who was ridin' on a horse of steel
He was living wild and fast in a little town by the hills

He was living wild and fast his free Life of a rover
The barkeeper was the man' s best friend
He was spending all his money on whiskey and beer
He was drinking and dancing his troubles away.

In 1969 his government said "com' on , son!
You have to say farewell 'cause there' s work to be done!"

So Billy got a tin hat and Billy got a gun
And they sent him far, far away
And Billy said "so long and farewell" to his friends
And he never would be seen again.

In December he was coming back to his hometown
Thank god that no one there was waiting for him
'cause he lost an arm an he lost a leg back on the battlefield
And he humped the street along.

He was living wild and fast . . . . . .

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