Mendeed The Reaper Wails Lyrics

Prepared to fight until I die, shadowed by fear in flames I stand.
The reaper waits for me to call to him.
This is the only life I have and my faith commands my strength.
Honour awaits and glory lies.

Deep beneath the storms' eye wakes - another reason to fight to save my life.

I see you walking through the night, slowly you creep looking for weakness - I feel my heart stop beating.
Inside the darkness I find light, I will not fall without a fight - I'll take the pain but you can't have my soul.

The time to take control has begun, this is my time to live again, this is all I have - this is all that I have.

Bringing your night to smother my light my spirits shield and now the phoenix rises - this feud has just begun.

Dead silence lies beneath me like a mortuary where dead dreams linger.
I have witnessed the solution, I won't suffer without fighting.
Time won't stop if I wait.

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