Origin Awaken the Suffering Lyrics

Awaken suffering souls of mine
Embrace me with all your hearts
Follow me to your new battlefield
Make martyrs of all their kind
Crush the weak, destroy my enemies
Spill their blood upon their land
Defy them, tear out their f___ing hearts
Torture waits, hatred prevails
Bring their limbs to me so I can see that they're dead
Destiny's end
You won't fail, or you'll enter my hell
As I deceive you all
It's time to unleash the horror to the ones that fall to their knees
Bleeding as they have failed, they are conquered
Knowing they are destroyed, screams unanswered
Silenced by one 'til they are all dead
Burn their corpse 'til they're ash, they all must die

Threatened their way of life, world angered
Aim hate at their hearts, rise up, enter battle
Execute the prophets of man, aflame
Their whole image, enormous and heinous
Their fate perilous
I am to man, I will kill and tarnish all of life

You will suffer one and all to me
I devour your destiny
Awaken death to serve my ways
And give me your life's dismay
Soon reborn to be, I'm the key, endless anger
Suffering, you all bleed before me
You will beg and plead me for my seed, weak forever!
I will take your lives unto your graves
Your sadness, anger all displaced
You feel no pain, your fate is sealed
For victory, and then I must now spread all my disease

Torn into these new depths
Enormous are the deaths of those that I detest
They stand proud, atrocious holocaust
Awaken, all are lost

Grizzly actions, hate a__assins
Their deceptions, my redemption
Bathed in their decomposition
Soldiers carry on my mission
Force them to war by my vision
Mercenary souls imprisoned
Consuming the helpless victims
Misery feeds all that I see
Torturous to my enemies
No one survices, all are deceased

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