Mona Lisa You Said Lyrics

You said you'd never leave me
On my own
You said you'd never leave me
All alone
You said you'd never leave me
On my own

(Verse 1)
And I
Never should have gave my heart
Should've never let you in my life
Gave my heart and soul and mind
And I
Never thought that we'd be this way
Should've never started to believe things you said
How could you not communicate
With me


(Verse 2)
And if I
Ever thought our love would end
Somehow I thought we could be friends
You left with my heart to mend
Now I see
You took what I gave
And in my heart I know because it too put us away
Now I'm all alone in the rain


You said, baby...oh...

Times passed
Still remained
I'll learn to let love go
I'll make it
Find some song
Love, it's gone...

(Chorus/Vamp Out)

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