POD307 Lyrics

.he Beatles - White Album
3. Honky Tonk Girl - The Loretta Lynn Collection (Pick it up girls, it's good.)
4. The Waterboys - Fisherman's Blues
5. Something by Stevie Wonder... or The Cure or like Tegan and Sara or I don't know maybe Journey?

Okay, here's the deal: let's hope if I'm ever on a deserted island, I've got my iPod, my charger and electricity. Um.. all right, here are 5 of my favourite movies:

Number 1 - Almost Famous
Number 2 - The Princess Bride
3 - Return of the Living Dead (The one with the punk-rock zombies in it - I love that movie.)
Number 4 - Doctor Zhivago (How hot was Julie Christie?)
And number 5 - Ahh - The Wedding Singer... and Sixteen Candles, Time Bandits and Say Anything - Really - you know what? Anything by Cameron Crowe!

Okay, note-to-self: Gotta expand the list to more than 5. God, I'm rambling, I'm sorry. But as long as I am, here's what sucks about boys in high school: they're afraid to be themselves. Now here's what sucks about girls in high school: they're afraid to be themselves. You see, what's sad is by high school, everybody has been burned once or twice and nobody is willing to lower their guard. I think that's the big reasoning cliques exist, you know, it's safer that way emotionally. I mean if I crossed the battle lines and I wandered into foreign territory like, like - if one day I decided I wanted to hang out with skater dudes, I've gotta rely on a whole lot of grace, plus my friends have to let me, you know, they have to be confident enough to know that my "skater dude for a day" pose isn't a critism of them in any way, you know? And then the new tribe has to accept me, you know, they have to confident enough to not be threatened by me, and this includes them, their friends, their girlfriends and then their girlfriends' friends and finally I have to be confident enough to take the journey in the first place in a place at a time when nobody is confident. I suppose that's the dark secret that needs to be exposed. Nobody in school - no matter how it appears - is ever completely confident. And also, the world won't stop if you change rules, you know? A few eyebrows will be raised, a few questions will be asked, maybe someone will make a smart a__ remark or two, but at the end of the day, it's probably gonna be okay, you know? Then again, the Chinese built a wall because they couldn't roll with the Mongolians - talk about your cliques.

Okay, you know how many days you'll live if you live to be like 76? 27,740. Now you know how many of those days will be spent in high school? Like 700... maybe, 740. That leaves 27,000 other days. And yet if you ask your parents or someone over 21 or anyone truthful, they'll tell you that high school was the place they remember with the deepest amount of fondness or fear or resentment or regret... there's that word: regret. It's 700 days, you know, out of 27,000! Okay, maybe some of you only get 20,000 or maybe you'll live to be 100 and you'll get 36,000 days, either way, are you gonna let 700 of them change everything? I mean if your answer's "yes" then, I don't know. Don't you wanna change to be for the better?

Here's my take on high school. The reason it stays with most people is because: a) almost everyone goes through it and b) they all go through it with, you know, a lot of "firsts," you know, your first car, your first love, first s__ual experience, first cry-all-night-crash-and-burn breakup, first hate crime, first date rape, first drug use, first time being labelled, first time you realize you weren't as rich or smart or fast or strong or pretty, or mean or physical or prudish or whatever everyone else seemed to be at the time. First time you realize it's not what you are or who you are, but who they let you be. But here's some other "firsts" high school could be: Okay... like the first time you held your head up and decided not to play that game, you know, or the first time you found the right words to say to the right someone who really needed to hear them. The first time you realized you were good at something, or that you cared about something enough to want to be good at it. The first time you shrugged off a label or a rumour, or an attack and just simply took the high road and let it go. Or the first time you decided to fight back. What's that line in Vanilla Sky? Um... "Everyday is another chance to turn it all around." Now you guys know I like that Cameron Crowe movies.

I said I wasn't going deep tonight, um, well... don't be afraid to be great, okay? Promise yourself that and while you're at it, don't be afraid to be you. All right, I feel like I can sleep now... maybe even dream. Goodnight guys.

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