Seamy Side Robert Smug Lyrics

Once I knew a guy, we shared our lives
on kids afternoons with hoods and knives.
Though we were equal, he wanted to lead,
Seemed wise for his age, so I let him proceed.

Time flows in years, I heard many stories:
His goal was his success without any worries.
Now we weren't equal, he wanted to lead,
He seemed wise for his age, I thought he would proceed.

I let him in lack of interest,
While he was alive, my name was indecision
Until that day I heard again of him.
Suicide was he right? Failure of a life!

Now he's back in my mind!
I will always remember his Kind:

He turned himself into a monster
An untouchable almighty
Like Nietzsche, but 3 steps below
No doubt was right he
just ignored it.

He was his king in his own kingdom.
Who didn't fit, was banned.
You had to trust in his selfrigtheousity
To be called a friend.

I didn't get him in tune of interest
While he was alive, my name was aversion
Until that day I heard of his suicide.

I will always remember his kind
To cut life through bein' selfishly blind.
I will always remember this shot.
I will always remember.

His suicide! His trusticide!
His way to abandon interest in life!
His suicide! His truthicide!
His way to end conversation life!

Shot in the head, no one can see through:
Could one be life-surfeited with 22?
He was convinced of his fulfilled life
As megalomaniac he could not survive.

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