Relax 1930 the Festivities Lyrics


When I see her on the street smiling at me, I feel better
Little does she know she's walking in my dreams since forever
I hope she gone like all that I wrote in my letters
Like strolling in the park, looking at the stars togethere


Out with some potion
Causing some commotion
Her husband went to bed
But he never saw the morning

Why put it on me, cuz I was on my way
I don't know what you mean with all the money that I paid

Why all the moaning
He's better in his coffin
I know that for a fact, cause both his arms and legs were broken

No I don't know those men that u point out, ye honor
Nothing but the truth comes out my mouth

Verse 1:

Out on a strole, they call it stalking, I was just walking on my own, nothing wrong with that.
Arrived at her home, well kinda sort of, I was right across her street calling her on the phone.
She asked twice 'who this', then hang me up left me kinda p___ed, ain't nothing wrong with silence, pulled out my list and started smiling,
Today she walks and I'm right behind her
So glad I find her and those brakes and wires her husband is driving
But nevermind him, today I'll by her, her 7th rose this week.
Eh yo hope she understand that's me

Verse 2:

Monday morning, another day on the job,
Today I'm her girlfriend from somewhere far.
Bizarre, na that's the internet
This aint cheating it's called the chittychat.
Talking about the weather and then some
Harmless talking about the roses she got
I'm walking on thin ice with this love
I Should stop this right now, but I don't see why
Cuz she got those eyes that (just) make me smile
The way she walks is nothing but class and style (Classy styled)
The only thing I doubt that she got in her life,
Is that punk of a husband with whom/where she sleeps (with) at nightr work

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