Relax H.I.P.H.O.P. Lyrics


Hiphop, where are we going with you
Hiphop, what te do without you
Hiphop, there's no life without you
Hiphop, so let us rockon

Verse 1:

The beginning, 1989, hiphop came and creeped into my life.
I started out breakin on the block
U know body poppin with the essential boombox.
We sway it on me and milk from dusk till dawn nothing but shaping skills
Skippin class we had descisions to make are we rockin to grand puba or big daddy kane.
Those were the days, dancing on streets and contests, prisma on Fridays: partee
Then we started bragging and boasting with the mic on stage
And that's when I found my game, I thought I'me ride this one out no matter how long it takes
Boozejim back then the name, back then the name, was the name
No it's Llewy is Sell the one they love to hate

Verse 2:

Then I got hooked up, with the G. U. double T, wooliemasters indeed.
Live hiphop in the purest form, me and rollaroacka we were doing the honors
We had the muze amongst us, we were youngstas, no boundaries for us
We jumped it.
That's when the tricks and trades became me, I started relax I was ready to breath
Along came flowers along my spot, we connected on the muze and made it rock.
We toured a lot, but then we went our ways
Went through all that bleus and called it a day.
Untill this day I don't know how to explain it
Our understanding totally faded
(But) then I got hooked up with Mr. not to be underestimated
Burdell Possemis


So now I'll be rocking mic's evidently
Higher the stakes full of expectancy
So now and then (so now I'll just) I'll take the muze on a roll
Check out what's not and then just let it go
U can feel it in the way that I strole
U never see me doing s___ they tell me to

It's Llew the issue on a rise
I take the muze and magnify

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