When I think About Cheatin' Lyrics

I've never done anything
That would ever bring a tear to your eye
I've never crossed the line
or needed an alibi to cover up a lie
But darling i'll admit
They're been times when i could have
The thing that kept me strong
Is the one thing that is always on My mind


When I think about cheatin'
I just think about you leavin'
And how my world would fall to pieces
If I tossed your love away
Even when i'm tempted by some stranger
Oh there's never any danger
I just think about you leavin'
When I think about cheatin'

There was a time in Abilene
When he said all the things I wanted to hear
It was hard to turn him down
Between the champaigne and the sound of whispers in my ear
But it just took one two-step with someone and I was missing you
He never had the chance cause I broke up the dance
Before the song was through

[Repeat Chorus]

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