Rhapsody 01- The Dark Secret Lyrics

[I. The Ancient Prophecy]

"It was a good time for all creatures of the earth, but fate decreed that the dark prophecy of a demon knight could bring a tragic end to this peace
scarring their lives forever. Shortly before his defeat in the last of the primordial wars between the heavens and hells the evil son of the Hell God Kron,
known as Nekron, withdrew to his lair in the underworld.
There, sensing his impending death he inscribed a testament of pure evil in seven black books. One by one six of these books were discovered through out
the ages, however the seventh, last and most terrible of all contained the secret of his resurrection.
He commanded seven immortal demons to carry out his dark plan.
But they were turned into stone by the angels of the crystal realms.
And so his dreams slept with them until a time came when the forces of evil would usurp the earth.
Nekron would rule in the unholy name! of cosmic chaos.
And this time he would reign supreme!"

[II. Ira Divina]

Ira divina
A dolore nunc libera nos
Tacet rota temporis
Nunc est silentium
Sempiternus angelus
A malo libera nos
A malo

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