Otis Redding Huckle-buck Lyrics

Here we come again...
We're doing a new dance-real strong dance
Everybody-sisters, papas, mamas, papa's boys
A stone dance-you know what they're doing
It's called the Huckle-Buck-real strong dance
Come on and take my hand
Come on and Huckle-Buck with...now watch me
We're going to new places now...
Atlanta, Georgia-here we come
Royal Peacock, y'all
Miami, Florida-going to the Island Club
Step over in Memphis
Going to the Hippo Drome
Everybody's swinging
The Mar-keys going down under
Going to the...California
Going to the Five-Four Ballroom
Step over in Detroit city
Going to the Twenty-Grand Club
Move over to Washington, D.C.
We're going to the Holland Theater
Huckle-Buck, y'all
Everybody Huckle Bucking
If you don't know, you're sure out of luck
I tell you what we do...
We're going to Chicago
We're going to the Windy City, they call it
Going to do the Huckle-Buck now
Everybody's Bucking now
Mamas, brothers, sisters, fathers-they Huckle Bucking all night
We got a thing going
You jump back, you jump forward, you jump back-back-back-back
Let me show you how to do it
Jump back, jump up, jump back, jump up-up-up-up

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