(Www.Pro-Dance.Org) Plies ft. Trey Songz - Bust It Baby Lyrics

She My Bust It Baby(She My Bust It Baby)(3X)

First time we had s__, it was like a movie
Both of us fell asleep, woke up woozy
Love how she say my name, love how she do me
Gain feelings for her, kinda quick, kinda blew me
Found myself thinking bout her s___ kinda spooked me
Mo' time we spent together the mo' she got attached
I love being around her, seem like the perfect match
She aint blow my phone up and she ain't neva hack
She knew her place, played her role, and she was cool w/ that
What you doing?, Where you going?, Questions she don't ask
She took my mind off the streets, she helped me relax
She wanna v.i.p her baby, she put me on my back

s__ game crazy
Body So Amazing
Kiss like she craving
Walk like she taken
Attitude mistaken
Fiend for her daily
Care about her greatly
Why she my bust it baby

What we did last night got me wanting to call her
If I wasn't real homie I'd probably stalk her
From the hood, when she get drunk she talk proper
Got kinky with her, told her to dress up like a lawyer
I was the judge last night I gave her all the orders
Worked it real good, turned her round doggy spawled her
Told her if I gave her anymore I'ma have to charge her
Felt the vibe in the room, the feelings getting larger
Took her from the bench now turned her into a starter
Taste like suga, smell like water
Now she into goons, all off what I taught her
What I do to her make her care about me harder


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