Mac Dre Fast Money Lyrics

-=- Chorus -=-

-=- Warren G -=-
Fast Money
Might be yo last money
Quick to blast, for the cash money
Squabbin' over past money
Lookin' for spots to stash money
Fast Money
Might be yo last money

-=- Dutches -=-
Everytime I meet a n____row
They a__ wanna hit it
And you tell them HELL NO!
They a__ goin' talkin' s___
I never gave a flyin' f___ about how this n____s feelin'
Just because I let them eat the p____ they think we did it
Slow down honey love I think you better pump yo brakes
If you had the feelin' we was makin' love that s___ waz fake
My p____s tight
Thats why you n____s want to get up in it
Just come talk to me to cross the feast n____ wont you spend it
Never trust these fools hollarin' they single
b____es aint dont be stupid
They know they liein'
You know these n____s mingle
Yo b____es got bad f___in' n____s on the first night
Then hollarin' that s___ about how a man dont treat them right
b____es be talkin' about f___in' n____s
Im buckin' n____s
To get closer to me is some lucky n____s with (?)
n____s better break me off a lil somethin'
Playas better have they money pumpin'
Before we do some grindin' and b__pin'

-=- Chorus -=-

-=- Mac Dre -=-
Im hungry for the cabbage
The Swabbage
Need a bank
I done sold everything from weed to crank
Now I need to think
How many of my n____s got kilt?
Blood spilt
Done dilt
Cap pilt
For that bad scrill
Im past will
Pin a picture a criminal conduct
Cause n____ when Im stuck
My (?) comes unstuck
I dont give a f___
Life is a hustle
If you wanna come up
You gotta flex that muscle
n____s wit little hearts
Or little bread
Some n____s is satisfied with puss and a little head
Its been said
f___ the b____ get rich
We about it
Now without it
Get yo grits
Be cautious
Cause its crosses
Get caught up, brought up on charges
And some take loses
Do you thang
Sell dope, hit licks
Sometimes its manditory to get those quick grits

-=- Chorus -=-

-=- Kokane -=-
(Yeah) My n____ Mac Dre savin' kite to me
He was into long pause
I was into hatchepe
Dont let it red
When we hook up we gonna have a fat sack
(Dont sell these raps like crack)
n____, I make big bread for the night time
For the sunny
Real gangters dont brang about money
n____, this game I look up to all day
Changin' our name from the mafia to (?)
(Its like early mornin' in the kitchen, cookin' up dope on the grill)
n____, I keeps it real

-=- Chorus -=-

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