theMATTBALLexperience Smoke A Joint! Lyrics

Bustin up some bud. Pullin out the papers. Rollin up a f___in' joint. I'M GOING TO SMOKE THAT JOINT! smoke a joint, smoke a joint. and smoke one more. you really can't deny it, you might as well just f___ing light it! AHHH i'm going to smoke a joint, i'm going to smoke a joint. SMOKE A JOINT U f___ING SISSY. f___ you, f___ you, light it up. And I smoke joints, even when i'm listening to metal! And i'm f___ing so high, that was really good hash, what the f___, how coud i smoke to much weed, smoked an ounce and got so high. smoke a m_________ing joint.

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