Infected Mushroom 10th Anniversary-11-22-2007 Lyrics

Infected Mushroom celebrating 10th birthday in huge concert in their hometown of Tel-Aviv, Israel with many guests.

Broadcast: SAT. Tracklist:

1. converting vegetarians {with mayumana}x
2. shkawkaw {with mayumana}x
3. birthday {with bery saharof}x
4. en kets la yaldut {with berry}x
5. deeply rmx {with bery}x
6. cities of the future
7. vicious delicous
8. meduzz
9. coolio rmx {with astrix}x
10. special place/change the formalty
11. im the supervisor
12. 9precent {new}x
13. I wish infected rmx {with skazi}x
14. suliman
15. muse breaks
16. the black shwarma {cut in the middle}x

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