Marty Haugen My Soul in Stillness Waits Lyrics

Refrain: For you, O lord, my soul in stillness waits. Truly my hope is in you.

1. O Lord of Light, our only hope of glory, your radiance shines in all who look to you. Come light the hearts of all in dark and shadow.

2. O Spring of Joy, rain down upon our spirits. Our thirsty hearts are yearning for your Word. Come, make us whole; be comfort to our hearts.

3. O Root of Life, implant your seed within us, and in your advent draw us all to you, our hope reborn in dying and in rising.

4. O Key of Knowledge, guide us in our pilgrimage, We ever seek, yet unfulfilled remain. Open to us the pathway of your peace.

5. Come, let us bow before the God who made us. Let every heart be opened to the Lord, for we are all the people of his hand.

6. Here we shall meet the makers of the heavens, creator of the mountains and the seas, Lord of the stars and present to us now.

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